Blackfield Surf School- The Achill Island surf school,shop and rental.


To serve good coffee only one thing matters. You actually have to want to serve it in the first place.It doesn't matter how good the beans are,or how expensive a coffee machine you have, if someone isn't checking and adjusting regularly then the coffee will be below par. Since Ireland has developed a coffee culture over the past number of years, we demand more from our coffee providers and poor coffee just doesn't cut the mustard anymore.

Illy coffee cup at Blackfield Achill Island

We pride ourselves on how well our coffee is prepared and received. We use only the most delightfully blended,low caffeine, medium roast blend of Arabica beans from the Italian master coffee roasters ILLY to prepare our drinks.From a simple espresso, to our creamy Viennese cappucino we take pains to ensure each cup is as good as it should be.Already described in one national newspaper as the best espresso in the country we try hard to keep our standards up..

We make soup each morning throughout the summer (and by that we mean July and August!).We have some super chocolate goodies along with a range of cakes, biscuits and cookies.It's simple but it's enough to earn us a listing in this years Bridgestone guide, so drop in and enjoy our products.

Wifi and internet access in general has been a thorny issue as anyone who has talked to me on the subject will know. We've managed to install Wifi throughout the building  though and we are happy to be in the position to give all our customers  30 mins of free access with their purchases, so that e-mails can be checked and business carried on! Further access can be had for €2 euros per  hour, so if you have a laptop, pda, smart-phone or i-phone, you can use our high speed connection to browse the web.

And remember, no matter how bad things get, there's always cake.Or ice cream.Or both!

For those of you who like to shop somewhere different, you'll feel at home in our shop. We carry a range of items that we find really work for us,we have surf wear, rain wear, shoes , sandals, wetsuits,beach toys, sunglasses-a cornucopia of products that are rarely found together.

So come along and have a tea or coffee or soup perhaps, and take a look at what we have to offer.We're sure you'll find it interesting and somewhere that you will want to recommend to your friends and family.

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